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[MOD] [ i9082 ] Nexus 4 Keyboard, Camera, Clock, Audio and Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Nexus Lovers!!

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos / i9082
All files are flashable via. Clock Work Mod Recovery

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Manish_la's Story

This is for nexus lovers like me..
This work is from LatinIme but i tested this and its working flawless.

Android 4.2 Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

the cwm flashable zip for the 4.2 keyboardFlash this zip via CWM.

Android 4.2 Camera and Gallery for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

That make the working/not working list look like this:
1. Panorama.
2. Photosphere. (requires gyroscope?)
3. Photo editing.
4. Sphereview. 
5. All ordinary camera/video functions.

For gallery to not FC when rendering Sphere shots, change your system language to English (United States).
This will also make Sphereview work!

Nexus 4 Audio for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
heres all the audio from the nexus 4 system
just extract and move to its respective folder
and ENJOY! 

Nexus 4 Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
here i bring you the complete collection of the nexus 4 wallpapers in one single zip
download extract and enjoy

get it HERE And flash in recovery
If the New clock FCs, check /system/app, if there are two clocks.
Then delete the "DeskClock" and it should work.

Modded desktop clock

Just replace the old one and dont forget the right permissions.

All credits to LatinIme, i have just test this and found working on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.
Thanks to @sharingan92 for gathering all apps at one place so that it could be easily tested..
There is not harm in this it most easy and safe way. But I am not responsible if you make mistakes, so be careful before flashing...

There is no harm in this it, most easy and safe way. But I am not responsible if you make mistakes, so be careful before flashing...

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